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How to make a PSD

I’m going to be using this picture of Shay Mitchell.

To add the layers of coloring onto your picture, you need to click on this little icon in your photoshop.

Once you click on it, all these options will come up.

You can really start anywhere you want, but I’m going to start out with the curves. You will see this:

You can adjust it however you like, depending on how it looks on your picture you’re working on.These are my curves settings for this picture.

Once you’re done with that, select another option you’d like to add on.

I’m going to choose selective color now.

You can choose any color you’d like from the drop down bar. For this one I’m just choosing cyans. Adjust the bars to the settings that you think look the best. These are mine.

Next, I’m going to add a solid color onto it.

I’m choosing this one because I tend to like shades on pink in psds.

Once you do that, select “overlay” and you can adjust the opacity and fill levels like this.

Next, I’m adding a gradient map. Make sure you’re clicking on gradient map and not just plain old gradient. Once you do that, set it to overlay and you can once again adjust the fill and opacity. These are my setting for it.

And last but not least, I’m going to add some vibrance.

And once I’m done, what I like to do is to put all the layers in a group so you can easily drag them onto a picture. Go to the “create a new group” icon and click it.

This will then appear.

Just drag all your layers onto the group layer and they’ll be apart of it. You can also rename the group to whatever you’d like.

To save your psd, all you have to do is go to “file > save as” and save it like you’d normally save anything. Just make sure that the format you’re saving it as is a PSD.

And now you have an awesome new psd to use.

Here’s the finished product.

I do suggest trying out your psd on a few pictures just to make sure it can be used on more than just the picture you made it on. I tried this one out on another picture and I was still happy with it, so I’m good to go.

If you guys have any other questions, feel free to ask me.

And if you’d like to download this psd, here you go.

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